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quality print


We usually print using litho machines (not office-type digital printers) which ensures the very best quality print at the very best prices, and the widest range of paper types and finishes. This usually means printing any fewer than 250 copies is impractical and expensive, so for smaller jobs and one-offs we can arrange digital print or put you in touch with a man who can.


Our processes are best suited to business stationery, leaflets, brochures, booklets... anything that you need a lot of!


We can print posters, outdoor and indoor signage and  other large items as one-offs or in much smaller quantities.

quality print & design to make your business look great


we specialise in top quality litho print that won't break the bank

(we can also print digitally when it suits the job)

we can produce your artwork and layout

we can re-create your logo artwork

(if you can't find existing artwork, logo or diagram, we can professionally recreate it for you)


get in touch to find out more about how we can help

Beautifully printed material sends the right message: it tells your clients you care about your image, have a keen eye for detail and style, and that you appreciate the importance of professionalism. A professionally produced leaflet or brochure, when compared to a home-made one could be the difference that makes a new client come to you instead of your competition.


We can print from your artwork (provided it is produced correctly) or we can recreate artwork for you from your existing designs or previously printed copies. This includes logos, diagrams, page layouts etc.

design & artwork


Don't worry if you haven't got design or artwork sorted out: we can put you in touch with real designers.


Designers know how to make modern and eye-catching stuff, that will get your message out and help sell your products or services. Designers can write your words – in a modern and concise style that suits your business, and they can take new photos or source them from image libraries to bring the whole thing together.

Professional design is important because you need to make sure the printed stuff you pay for does its job and shows a return. It's easy to design something that is impossible to print, or that emphasises the wrong message – graphic design pays for itself when it is done properly.

who is kinetik print?


Kinetik  has been owned and run by a small team of graphics professionals and printers for several years. We have recently started marketing ourselves as Kinetik Print because we know that many businesses just need a friendly, competent and no-nosense quality printer. Most of our clients already have their logos and branding and just want a quick leaflet or set of business cards.


We're here to help. We are fully qualified, experienced and have been in the graphics industry for over 20 years. We have access to a large print factory that is equipped with state of the art direct-to-plate full colour and spot litho machines. For jobs that can't be handled here we have a network of trade print suppliers that means we can print almost anything at very competitive prices.

get in touch…


Kinetik is based in Bracknell. Please get in touch beforehand if you'd like to visit.


If you have questions or need a printing or design quote use the form or give us a call.


0118 380 0688




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Kinetik™ Print

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If you'd like to visit our studio in Bracknell, please get in touch first:

0118 380 0688






Kevin Simpson & P Birkett trading as Kinetik Print & Kinetik Graphics

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